Dark Hour Spring Fever 2018 Group Tickets

By Dark Hour Haunted House (other events)

4 Dates Through Apr 21, 2018

Take a journey into the unknown as you explore the grounds of Coven Manor.  A coven of witches has held control over this landscape since the late 1800’s.  Various witches rise to power within the Coven and each one brings with her a slew of new nightmares.  Can you survive an encounter with the Coven?

The Zombie Apocalypse may never happen, but this is the closest you will ever get…

They say the Zombie Apocalypse will never happen. Chemicals and science alone cannot blend virus and DNA to turn the living and the dead into dragging undead flesh cravers. The witches of Coven Manor have added magic into the mix in order to bring about the Zombie Virus.

In our most modern show, the infected swarm in packs and attack while you maneuver through the most hostile environment possible. From fresh dead to rotten, the biters moan and wail, reaching, striving toward the life-blood that fills your veins and the warmth that covers your skin. Their skin is quickly rotting, falling from them in slick, pulpy masses to litter the ground and be eaten by those no longer able to stand, still propelling themselves with their arms to seek your trembling legs and feet.

The witch of contagion Vera Blight is bringing the undead to Dark Hour, and it is intense!



NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO recording of any kind permitted inside the haunt as it distracts from the show for other guests.  Photos may be taken in the lobbies.

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701 Taylor Drive Plano, TX 75074